About Simply Natural®

For our dogs, it’s all about the simple pleasures. That’s why Simply Natural® food gets straight to the good stuff with real meat, wholesome vegetables and no grains, artificial flavors or colors.

With nearly 70 years experience making specialty pet food, Simply Natural® dog food is made in our company owned plant in California with an uncompromising quality rivaling the pet foods you can only buy in specialty pet stores. Simply Natural® dog food recipes are grain free and gluten free and are made with real meat as the first ingredient. These grain free recipes are also potato free and use only high quality vegetables like carrots and tomatoes to help create a nutrient dense food your dog will love and you'll love feeding them.

Simply Natural® dry dog foods are made with a simple, limited ingredient diet recipe that contains chicken or beef as the only source of animal protein to help minimize food sensitivities. Each delicious recipe contains only chicken or beef as the source of animal protein so you always know what you're getting. No grains, no animal by-product meals, no fillers, no artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives. Everything a dog wants, nothing he doesn’t – just real, good food.